Charter Schools Do Well in New York City

When charter schools movement was initiated two decades ago, the new type of schools was to replace traditional public schools. However, charter schools generally failed to do what they were designed for. Three out of ten charter schools are actually worse than public schools, but they still operate despite the deal to get closed if underperforming. All this works for the nation, except New York City, however.

Teachers’ Rankings Cause A Controversial Discussion Within The City

The question whether City Teachers’ Rankings should be available for everyone or not has caused many discussions including both criticism and approval of such a policy. This misunderstanding and dispute began after New York City’s Education Department decided to release the performance rankings of nearly 18,000 public-school teachers. Such data contained information concerning both the lowest and highest scorers teachers had within the city. Lawmakers, teachers and their union are now thinking of changing state law in such a way the general public won’t have access to these data and rankings, however, parents will still be able to see the evaluations of their own children’s teachers. It is expected that the question of how much privacy teachers should have for granted will be resolved in the nearest time.